Grandma Hoerner's Red Pepper Jelly
Delightfully refreshing with a friendly kick! Great on crackers, served over cream cheese or even on a cheesecake. Wonderful as a meat or poultry glaze. Adds a robust spicy flavor to a grilled panini.
Grandma Hoerner's Berry Bacon Jam
Sweet strawberries and raspberries with the punch of spicy jalapeno and habanero.  Super-versatile as an appetizer over cream cheese or as a glaze for your pork loin.  Great for a spicy kick over your favorite burger.
Grandma Hoerner’s Triple Berry Preserve
The best of organic strawberries, blueberries and blackberries highlight summer’s finest flavors. Great on scones at your next brunch!
Grandma Hoerner’s Berry Habanero Jelly
Want to take things up a notch or add a little spice to your life? Try our Berry Habanero Pepper Jelly served over cream cheese or on top of goat cheese stuffed dates. We promise… it’s Berry, berry good!
Cocoavino Red Wine Chocolate
 A velvety blend of Belgian dark chocolate with a complex red win reduction.
Holmes Made Nightmare Salsa
Nightmare is our hottest salsa yet. Great salsa flavor with Ghost Pepper heat!
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