The Sampler
A great gift for families, this box features a Full Moon of Co-Jack, a Half Moon of both Colby and Pepper Jack, Yellow Curds, Pepper Curds, a block of Mild Cheddar and a Summer Sausage Log. 
Cranberry Cheese Spread 7 oz.
Introducing our delectable Cranberry Cheese Spread, the perfect fusion of rich, creamy cheese and the vibrant, tangy burst of cranberries. This delectable spread is a gourmet delight that will elevate any occasion or meal. Whether you're hosting a festive gathering...
Flint Hills Reserve Aged Cheddar
Our Flint Hills Reserve cheddar are cut from blocks that we have determined to be our best aging cheese! 
Yellow Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic golden nugget cheese curds are our signature product. These cheese curds make a great quick snack and go great with any type of wine!
The Traditional
Highlights our top sellers and overall favorites among customers. This box includes Yellow and White Curds, a block of Mild Cheddar and a block of our famous Co-Jack.
Kansas Cut Combo Box
Packed full of your favorite cheese in the shape of Kansas! Co-Jack, Monterey Jack, Mild Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Curds, Yellow Curds and an 8 oz. Summer Sausage.
White Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic white cheese curds make a great snack and also make great additions on charcuterie boards!
The Curd Box
A taste of each of our fabulous Cheese Curds – Yellow, White, Pepper, Dill, Mediterranean, Garlic and Buffalo Wing along with a Summer Sausage Log.
The Flint Hills Feast
This fabulous collection features three of our famous Cheeses – Yellow Curds, a block of Pepper Jack, a Half Moon of Mild Cheddar, a Summer Sausage Log, along with Grandma Hoerner’s Triple Berry Preserves and Prairie Harvest Pepper Nuts.
Pepper Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic pepper cheese curds include Jalapeno and Pimento peppers with just enough heat to satisfy everyone at the party!
Beef Summer Sausage
Our Beef Summer Sausage made right here in Kansas makes for the perfect pairing with any of our "Nibblin' Good" cheeses.  
from $8.99
Garlic Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic garlic flavored cheese curds are for the all the garlic lovers out there!
Mediterranean Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic mediterranean flavored cheese curds are a combination of herbs and spices that will remind you of your favorite Italian restaurant! 
Dill Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic dill cheese curds are great for those who love dill pickles! Great for a variety of recipes!
Buffalo Cheese Curds - 8 oz.
Our classic buffalo flavored cheese curds are great for those who love buffalo wings. These cheese curds are mild buffalo flavor sure to satisfy!
Smoked Mild Cheddar - 8 oz.
Our traditional Mild Cheddar with a delicate smoky flavor.
Half Moon Colby Cheese - 8 oz.
Colby cheese is an extremely moist, soft cheese that is very mild in flavor. It can easily be paired with your favorite red wine or sliced for your sandwich of choice.
Smoked Monterey Jack - 8 oz.
Natural, creamy white cheese, with a delicate smoky flavor.
New York Sharp - 8 oz. Deli
New York Sharp is an aged white cheddar that has been aged for a minimum of 9 months. This cheese pairs well with a full-bodied wine.
Pepper Jack Cheese - 8 oz. Deli
A combination of Monterey Jack Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers and Red Pimentos proves to be a great party treat. Designed to heat things up a bit!
Longhorn Co-Jack Cheese 1 LB.
This delicious combination of Colby and Monterey Jack is sure to prove satisfaction to any meal. A creamy & sweet tasting cheese, this goes perfect with crackers for a quick snack.
Smoked Pepper Jack - 8 oz.
Natural, creamy white cheese, with peppers to spice it up with a delicate smoky flavor.
Sharp Cheddar Cheese - 8 oz. Deli
This aged product is bold in taste and has a bite that any cheese-lover must try. Full of flavor and perfect on burgers. It shreds and melts well and incorporates best in your favorite sauces or soups.
The Nibbler
The perfect cheese gift box for the person who is hard to buy for. It offers a variety of cheeses that are “Nibblin’ Good” – Pepper Curds, Yellow Curds, and a Half Moon of both Pepper Jack and Mild Cheddar.

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