At the Alma Creamery, our number one priority is the safety of our
customers, vendors and staff. We strive to provide the best tasting,
wholesome cheese products using the most effective sanitation methods. We
want to ensure that you feel comfortable consuming our products now and
into the future.
Alma Creamery has always followed the approved FDA current Good
Manufacturing Process (cGMP) guidelines. During these times Alma
Creamery will be prioritizing these specific issues:
–If an employee exhibits any signs of illness, they will be required to stay
home until they are deemed safe to return.
–FDA cGMP protocols provide our cheese crafters the most effective
sanitation methods including thorough hand washing, multiple sanitation
stations, required glove wearing and use of sanitized footbaths when
entering or exiting packing or production rooms.
–We will be cleaning and sanitizing all work stations, equipment and rooms
continually throughout each work day.
–Only essential personnel will be allowed into the packing room or
production room.
In an effort to do our part in working through these challenging times, we
will continue safely producing our product for delivery to our retailers and
distributers. We will also continue to ship to our customers who request
at-home delivery via orders placed at or by phone.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected during these difficult times.


Alma Creamery’s Ownership,
Management & Staff
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